Update – Still Not Eating Seafood, Others have Joined

April, the forth month of the year. For this year I vowed not to eat seafood, in this post -

Fish? No Thanks! My 2014 New Year Resolution

 - So far I have completed a quarter of the year sucessfully!! I have not eaten a single morsel of ocean flesh. 

I know that my own resolution may not save the planet or its blue, blue seas, however, I have had more success that I thought. Members of my family have joined me in my quest. 


Why every Blogger should Have Pinterest

The Food Blogging Life 

How to Food Blog & Food Blogging Tips 


Pinterest is not only an amazing marketing tool for your blog and a fun way to keep up to date with what others like you are doing – it also has surprising benefits. I was invited to a Bread Making Class, simple because I love to pin food pins. Check out my Pinterest Profile.


All credit to Phil the photographer and his wonderful pictures!

The Bread Making Class was at Loaf, Bournville Birmingham, UK. It was a class on making Sour-dough, conducted by Tom Baker, the baker at Loaf. 

I was one of 20 lucky people who got invited to the foodie event. Pinterest hand picked foodie pinners who showed their love for food. 

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Tote Bag, Note Book, Cards – “Your my Pinspiration!” , Fridge Magnets


BLT-Bacon Lettuce Tomato Sandwich

The B.L.T. !!! Bacon Lettuce Tomato Sandwich.

BLTIn protest of all those soggy, sad sandwiches sitting on cold refrigerated supermarket shelves in plastic triangles, this is February’s Worship your Sandwich Edition.

<Warning!> Only for the brave of heart. 

Smoked Back Bacon on crunchy toasted seedy brown bread, with mustard tinted mayo, soft lettuce leaves freshly cut from the plant, juicy tomato slices and creamy avocado. Please, stop drooling. 

No sir, there is no room for any pale white watery iceberg lettuce round these here parts. Make sure you have overly ripe toms and ready to eat avocado. Choose your favourite bacon, streaky or back, smoked or non-smoked, up to you.

Toast, lettuce, sandwich, blt, salad


Learn to Code – Code is Poetry

The Food Blogging Life 

How to Food Blog & Food Blogging Tips

Great FREE Resources to Learn to Code. Scroll down for the list.

There are many different ways this knowledge can benefit you. Once you have your foot in the door, you will see all the different paths you could take.

Being a blogger is not always a profitable route to take, coding can open doors for you to make money. 

vectorstock_1890549So you are a food blogger? You probably have a WordPress website and use a theme template. That’s fine, we all do. There is no need to start going behind the scenes and picking apart your website’s code. 

There may be no particular need to know any code for creating a website these days, however, my best advice is learn some code anyway. It is truly a great skill and such a valuable one for a web site owner. More