Schweinshaxe – Beyond Savory

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Germany has a very unique and strong connection with their food. Go to any Christmas market and you will have the pleasure of smelling the roasting juices from sizzling pork dishes that are often paired with a robust wine or traditional Bavarian style beer. These lingering aromas are everywhere and I have come to believe that they are the most effective marketing tools available today for food!


The Daily Dish : So Good Salad

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This salad is fast, easy and it is so, so good. Good for you but forget about that, regardless of whether its good for you, once you try this salad you are going to want it more than junk food. It just is so delicious and yummy. 

You don’t feel terrible after it like some foods make you feel, and mostly you just want more of it straight away. I would of had two bowls and it if I had had the ingredients.  More

The Daily Dish : Tiramisu

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My local supermarket recently introduced mascarpone, the most marvellous cream product. Sadly, it appears not many people are buying it since most of it has had the price reduced. So to save it from going to waste, I had to make tiramisu. Just doing my civil duty.


The Daily Dish : Egg Fried Rice

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This egg fried rice is a fast and super yummy meal to make yourself. This is something I have quite regularly. 

What’s great about this dish is that you can make it as simple as possible or really pimp it out to the max. When I feel fancy, I chop up and fry off small diced carrots, onion and celery, with frozen peas. I add whatever seeds I have to hand, like poppy seeds and pumpkin seeds or I add peanuts.